4H in Finland


this text was translated from Finnish to English by our own Guru 
Mrs. Johanna Huotari. You are welcome to contact her +358407346797 


Kuhmo 4H Association

Kuhmo 4H Association arranges many kind of leisure activities for children and youngsters.

Children between ages of 6 to 12 can join our 4H clubs where we for examble cook, bake, play games and sports and learn how to do crafts.

4H Association helps you to get started your working career - you can find work as early as the age of 13 without any previous work experience, or employ yourself by establishing your own 4H enterprise. Young people receive basic working skills from our courses and can become for example dog- or babysitter and earn own money in their free time from school.

Kuhmo 4H Association trains and hires young people and adults for works conveyed by Association. Conveying domestic jobs is one of our primary services that we provide.

International cooperation in Kuhmo 4H Association

1.9.2016-28.2.2018 Elävä Kainuu Leader finances and Kuhmo 4h manages Launch Pad Hatchery & Rurales project, where young people from ages 13 to 25 gather in Kuhmo, Sotkamo and Suomussalmi (Later in Hyrynsalmi too) to plan youth exchanges to Europe. Project includes getting to know people who have moved to Finland from other countries.

4H Finland offers also internationalism courses, youth exchange programmes and field trips abroad.

Become a member!

Support local youth work and leisure activities for kids by becoming a member of Kuhmo 4H Association!

Individual membership costs 35 euros/year and family membership costs 70euros/ year. Membership entitles you to participate in all of our clubs, getting your own membership card and insurance in all activities that we arrange. By showing your membership card you also get discount in our partner stores.

Handicraft shop APILA

Kuhmo 4H Association also manages handicraft shop Apila in the center of the Kuhmo. From our shop you can find handicrafts and souveniers- all handmade in Kuhmo! We have a large variety of different kind of crafts made from wood, wool, paper, etc. Our artisans are famous of their traditionally made high quality handicrafts. Shop is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Warmly welcome!